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Table of Contents

Food Safety Resources1
Requirements for Employees2
Control Bacterial Growth to Keep Food Safe4
Procedures to Control Bacterial Growth4
Procedures to Prevent Contamination of Food5
Procedures to Prevent Contamination of Equipment, Pans & Dishes5
Procedures for Dishwashing6
Policies for Serving Safe Food7
Responding to a Food Recall8
Procedures for Handling Food Borne Illness Complaints8
Procedures for Hazardous Chemicals9
Food Safety Professional Development Requirements9
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)10
Title File
Form 22-A Certification of Health for School Personnel Document
Form 22-C Internal Temperatures for Cooked Time and Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Foods Document

Guidance and Resources

Title File
Food Safety for Volunteers & Students Document
Food Safety Inspection Request Document
Monthly Food Safety Checklist Document Document
2022 Kansas Food Code Updates Document

Other Resources

To keep up to date, regularly check the USDA Child Nutrition Programs' Web site for recently posted regulations, policy clarifications, prototype application materials, and other information. Most recent changes within each chapter are highlighted in yellow.  New guidance is also posted at SNP What's New or in Monthly Updates.